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Where's Your Next Trip Taking You?

There are literally thousands of published tours and packages out there to almost every imaginable place using a myriad means of transportation. There's a lot to choose from. Do you have a special interest?

A Look at What I Do

There are a lot of programs out there and my role is to take a look at the big picture: what you want to experience, what you want to spend, and which are the best options for getting the best fit for you. I have direct contacts with all the large international travel brands but I also make use of niche suppliers to fill in gaps that the large brands don't cover.

In addition to some great public tours and packages, I've organised many self guided and privately guided tours and custom vacations (families, workshops, birding, photography, wildlife, music, educational, culture, history, food, agritours etc.) You might be surprised to learn that these programs actually may cost less than group tours, depending on the trip.  With the flexibility to choose, you can even mix and match part group, part private.

This kind of in-depth knowledge is not very compatible with a busy retail environment and that's why I work independently from the office. I spend more time working with my great clients and less time on office administrivia. I also have Flight Centre Group, the world's best travel company to get good prices and airfares.

So Why Take  a Preplanned Trip When You Can Do It Yourself?

So many people today have been on trips to wonderful and unusual destinations. Many times I am sure you have been foot loose and “quixotic”. I admit that even as a group tour planner and seller, for many years I winged it on my own travel. But I was changed in Peru.
I had been planning a tour for a university group and I really needed to know more, so I arranged a private tour with a local company there. From the moment I arrived in Lima I realised, this was going to be good. Instead of hassling with taxis at the airport, we had a driver meet us. Instead of fussing about money and finding a hotel, we were already prepaid. Instead of racing to a bus station the next morning to try and figure out when the bus to Paracas left, we had tickets and were taken to the first class terminal.
More time, less stress so far. (Read full story here)
Are you an experienced active traveller and really don't think you'll ever like a group tour?
Before you discard the idea of a group tour see a short video from one of my tour partners. Things have changed a lot. Prefer something more cushy? See this video. 
Like the idea of more self guided or private tours? Have a look at this post with a video (that I star in, woohoo!) Or for another type of idea, see here I can set up all kinds of self guided programs that take you where you want to go with most everything prepaid.

How to Use This Website

Look over my site for travel ideas, video links and stories from places I've visited and beyond. There are some really great things here. You can also find my specials.

Want to get a price check? Contact me by phone or use our contact form below. I can quote you firm prices for any private tours and packages made just for you. I can also send you travel brochures or links to travel programs. When you want to book travel I'll be around to help you with the details, before and after.

Who I am and How I Got To Where I Am

I was born to be traveller, but I didn't know it until my first trip to Mazatlan, Mexico. Want to read more about me? Continue reading.


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About George:

Did you ever see the show, Midnight Diner on Netflix? It's a small shop in Tokyo where the chef says "I will make anything you want to eat as long as I have the ingredients". That's exactly what I do for you in travel.

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