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Posted on: Thursday May 06, 2021
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Getting the Best Travel Options For Rural Residents

Canada's big and a lot of us don't have easy access to the international airports. Air travel gets a little more complicated for us but, if you love that winter get away, or have a yen to travel abroad, don't let the challenge of the first part of the trip deter you. My thing is budgeting and logistics and I can help you.

I like to know in advance pretty much what it's going to cost me to travel before I travel, and I'll do this for you. I've been pricing private tours and packages (and scheduled ones too) for years and I will give you a very good idea what everything will cost so you know.

What to Consider

First of all, there are a lot of ways to skin an airfare. If you live in a rural area like, southern Alberta or Saskatchewan, or the BC interior where you are hours from an airport of any size and you try to figure out an airfare using our friend Expedia, you can get some bizarre prices and routes. Especially when you actually go on to complete the booking, rather than just look at the shopping list presented. Its quite disappointing.

It's not just the airfare though, it's all the other costs that go into a trip like your gas, parking, hotel, meals, taxes, bad weather, delays etc. Sometimes its worth it to fly from a regional airport, sometimes it can be worth it to make that longer drive to a bigger airport. Same thing when you need to come home, if you've tooling about Yucatan, or coming from a dive vacation in Belize, I can set up the whole package for you with transfers back to the airport, and a hotel if you need it.

I solve this with a cost comparison program I developed to manage logisitics for long haul destinations. It lays out the facts pretty clearly and lets you decide the optimal choice for you.

If you don't have the internet or just don't want to waste your monthly data trying to find "the deal"? Give me a call by phone. I'm toll free. I actually prefer the phone as I like to get to know my clients in a more personal way. We can do everything by phone and I can even get you documents in paper if you want. Still the most reliable.

Payment Options and Schedules

Last thing, you want to know what I charge for all this because you've heard that travel agents don't work for free. Here's how I work.

I'll present you a preliminary program, with price estimate, at no cost. If you like what you see and you want to dig in, we proceed to the next phase where the services are requested and prices are finalised. Typically at this point deposits are required and other terms of payment come into play. All is laid out in advance. Does that sound fair? Payments are often taken by credit card.

Can't pay by credit card? Through Flight Centre, I can offer you some options to pay through other means. Call me and I can explain the various non-credit card options available.

Want to save a little more? Have a look at my "Specials" page. I often have personal promotions here. Also don't forget to check FCI Airfare Travel Deals.  These are a good start and you can request more info right from those pages.

If you live in the country or a small town without an airport, and you want to travel, let's talk. I speak your language.


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