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Posted on: Thursday May 06, 2021
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The Most Costly Mistake People Make When Buying Travel

The Most Expensive Mistake You Can Make In Buying Travel
Buying travel isn't like buying fruit. You can't poke it or smell it for flavour first. You have to make an act of faith by paying upfront. Buying an orange doesn't come with a long set of rules, terms, limitations and conditions like travel. Yet because travel marketers know that people buy on emotion, the system is geared to sell travel to you as if it were just like buying fruit.
I am Canadian. Canadians are great shoppers. We love deals. But I've learned by watching many people make mistakes. Most frequently they get caught up in the excitement of getting a deal before someone else buys it. Oops! Made a mistake. Turns out that there is no snorkeling at Cabo.  Or, that connection was at what time? It's a poker game that online travel booking services and airlines thrive on. They misdirect your attention to the wrong thing. (only 2 rooms left sound familiar?) Money spent rashly is just a waste.
Life is Different Now. Here's What I've Learned.
I have over 25 years of supplying unique, reliable, and exceedingly enjoyable travel experiences. I've lived through many global upsets from wars to recessions, earthquakes and eruptions, terrorists and pestilence. I can't predict the future, but I have learned that building and maintaining long term relationships with my travel suppliers is the best way to help my customers in both good times and distress. When you work with me here, you become part of that loyalty chain. It's kind of a harsh reality today but if you book alone, you're really on your own.
My service is always to use my experience to get you the best experience for the price you want to pay.

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