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15 years ago I went on my first trip overseas to Australia and I instantly became addicted.  Now I want to help you enjoy some of the amazing experiences I've been so lucky to encounter.  There is no better learning experience than seeing the world.  When you travel you have the opportunity to experience different cultures, try unique cuisines, and experience that moment of awe you have always dreamed about.  




I can help you with many different types of travel experiences. I have experienced every sort of holiday, from sleeping in a van to living it up at 5-star resorts and cruises.  I love it all and every budget can offer a different experience.   Over the 15 years of traveling, I have mastered the art of creating the best itineraries possible.  

Budget & Working Holidays

15 years ago, throughout my 20's, I loved the budget holiday.  I lived in Australia as a backpacker for 2 years where I worked in cities and even in farms all across the country.  I couch-surfed America where I visited over 20 states on a road trip in 6 months and even took a detour into Mexico!  In 2009 I backpacked Europe by train.  Even up until 2 years ago I took many sleeper trains in China.  

Luxury Trips & All-Inclusives

Even with my budget trips I still love to splurge occasionally!  I have stayed at 5-star all-inclusive hotels in Jamaica, Cuba, and Mexico (Puerto Vallarta and Cancun).  I have stayed in some of the most incredible hotels I can imagine in China.  Even my most recent Australia trip was rather luxurious. 

Family Trips

Who says that you can't travel with kids?  We have a 10-year-old girl and that hasn't slowed down our traveling at all, we just have to plan a little better to ensure there are no stresses.  There is nothing better to help your child gain some amazing knowledge and worldly insight than traveling.  

Photography & Film

Do you love to take pictures and videos?  Maybe you're into YouTube or Instagram content creation?   In the last few years that has been a passion of mine.  This has led me to some incredible destinations around North America, Iceland, and back to Australia.  With my new found passion I'm even needing to revisit some of the other places I have already been! 


Who else loves to learn?  I plan many of my personal trips around knowledge.  Some of the most amazing history influenced trips I have been on include Italy, Greece, Egypt, and China.  


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Jordan Gagne

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I run my personal travel business in partnership with a company known throughout Canada for wonderful travel experiences at amazing prices - Flight Centre

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