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NO LIMITS TRAVEL is a full-service team of home based Travel Consultants associated with Flight Centre. 


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Angela Crory from Whitecourt, AB

Toll free:  1-800-941-0274

Email her at angela.crory@fcatravel.ca

Book directly online/view current SPECIALS: http://www.flightcentreassociates.com/AngelaCrory



Steven Lundle from Edmonton, AB.

Toll free:  1-800-941-0274

Email him at steven.lundle@fcatravel.ca

Book directly online/view current SPECIALS: http://www.flightcentreassociates.com/StevenLundle



Tallat Tirmizi from Edmonton, AB

Toll free:  1-800-941-0274

Email her at tallat@fcatravel.ca

Book directly online/view current SPECIALS: http://www.flightcentreassociates.com/TallatTirmizi


 Rita Aziz from Calgary, AB

Toll free:  1-800-941-0274

Email her at rita.aziz@fcatravel.ca

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Angela was our travel agent my mine and my husband’s destination wedding in Mexico where we worked together on the trip for about 5 months. We had used Angela before for a Mexico vacation and it was a great experience so we didn’t hesitate to ask for her help.  

Finding the right hotel was really tough since we did not have time to go down and check out venues ahead of time. Angela had great suggestions which was super helpful. When we did settle on a hotel Angela was able to contact the staff there for me to start the wedding planning process. 

I was really impressed at how fast Angela would always email me back. I would email at all hours of the day and night and she would always email me back so quickly! When your planning a wedding on a time crunch like we were that is really reassuring. 

I had a large group coming down to Mexico, 49 in total, coming from all over the country and Angela found flights with Westjet for everyone which was great. Everyones flights went really well and everyone was really impressed with their contact with her. 

I did have several friends/family that due to unforeseen circumstances had to cancel their trips or come alone. One friend in particular had to go without his girlfriend and change the amount of days he would be going on the trip from 10 to 5 on very short notice. I really did not think that he would be able to change this, let alone get any money back because he did not have travel insurance. But Angela talked to Westjet and made it work and he was able to get credits for her trip to use at another time which was extremely appreciated by the couple and jason and I. 

I wouldn’t hesitate to contact Angela for another trip in the future!


Leah Feldmeier


I have used Angela to book or our wedding vacation in Cuba. She has been amazing from day one. Getting all information and asking all the right questions to find us the best location. She has been great with also providing help with our wedding group and all other paper work to get this trip off without a glitch! We couldn't have chose someone better, she has always found answers to all our questions. 


Gabrielle Lalonde




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No Limits Travel

Whitecourt, Alberta

Contact Number:
780 779 3564


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We run our personal travel business in partnership with a company known throughout Canada for wonderful travel experiences at amazing prices - Flight Centre

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