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Barbara Laird - Guest Speaker

Barbara Laird is the parent of a daughter with Down syndrome and recipient of the 2012 Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Medal for the many years she spent advocating for the rights of special needs children and adults across Canada and the United States.
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Risca Solomon - Guest Speaker

Risca Solomon has over 15 years of experience working within the field of Applied Behaviour Analysis and developmental disabilities. She has a Master's Degree in Positive Approaches to Challenging Behaviour. Risca was a Board Certified Assistant Behaviour Analyst, before becoming a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst in January 2011. She consults to schools, respite centres and individual families across the United Kingdom and abroad.
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A RICHER Holiday Experience for Maree & Peter's Daughter on Group Cruise

Apart from the Cruise being a great holiday in itself, i cannot express how great it was travelling with like minded or rather same-situated families. We understood each other without explaining. We had each other's backs, we felt comfortable leaving our kids in the company of someone else without fear of judgement or misunderstandings. It was great eating together and going on port adventures together. We met some lovely people and shared alot in one week.
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Michelle Ivery & Extended Family Love Our Cruises

Our family has been on two of the Mission Possible cruises (now Rosalie's Cruises & Tours), so far. I was so glad that we happened to find out about them just in time to be part of the inaugural Mission Possible voyage to Haiti and Jamaica in 2013! These trips are great fun, but also very important to us as a family of a special needs child. We will be going on our third cruise soon, after joining the 2014 cruise to Alaska for our second adventure
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Brenda says Cruising is a fantastic way to have a family vacation!

Sightseeing cruises, like the Celebrity Alaskan cruise, also allow us to spend more time sightseeing and less time pack and unpacking to get to new destinations. While this is a benefit for us as parents, it's also a benefit for kids who do better with consistency and who prefer to exactly what to expect and what comes next.
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Christiane, Diego & Family Enjoy Rosalie's Alaska Group Cruise

Rosalie and the Mission Possible Cruise staff were awesome and Celebrity Cruise general staff very supportive and helpful--including by adapting meal menus to Vito and Lara's many allergy-related restrictions.
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Renee & Family LOVE Celebrity Cruises

The Celebrity Solstice cruise ship itself was nothing but spectacular, making cruising enjoyable (and not just a means to the destination).
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The Naim Family Love Rosalie's Cruises

We LOVED our cruises with Rosalie!
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Celebrity Cruises Fun Factory great for the Loo Family!

In 2015, we had our second cruise on Celebrity Infinity, my son loved the cruise this time. He usually needs a long time to finish his food; however, he finished within 15-20 minutes and asked to go to the "Fun Factory" (the kids club), he also performed in the talent show. They took very good care of him, they also have a lot of resources like, PECs, quiet corners... And the staffs are all well trained to help him...
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This July (2016) we took a cruise to Alaska with Rosalie's Developmental Disability Cruises. It was a trip of a life time -- those that live with autism would understand, the first few days were rough, not sea rough, but autism rough until the boys got the lay of the ship -- the unknown can be a challenge for our boys.
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Susan Zimmermann & Family Now LOVE Cruising !

Traveling with our family can be challenging. Our oldest son, Oliver (now 14), has Down Syndrome. He is nonverbal and so frustrates easily; he is unable to walk for long periods of time; and he is known to wander away from us without any hesitation or concern for his own safety.
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Kevin & Family ENJOY Cruising Together

38 Year old Kevin Wells and his mother, Ann and sister Karla all enjoyed the 2014 Alaska Mission Possible Cruise on the Celebrity Solstice Cruise Ship with Celebrity Cruises.
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Rosalie's Cruises for Developmental Disabilities

Our purpose is to create Group Cruises and Conferences for individuals with Developmental Disabilities and their families, caregivers, teachers, school aids, therapists and medical professionals. We see individuals with developmental disabilities as being part of a purpose driven life and see their value in our global community. Travelling together and making friendships and connections is all a part of what we are about. The unique Cruise Ship environment offers all guests, including adults and children with developmental disabilities and their siblings the extended opportunity to network with like-minded families and professionals and have some fun.
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Why Rosanne & Madeline Stuart LOVE Cruising !

Since our first Cruise, we have been on many Cruises which we try to do once a year at least. We love it and Maddy is in her element, making new friends and practicing every day for the talent quest or dancing show at the end of the Cruise, not to mention I can have a glass of wine and relax as I don't have to drive home after!
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Mel LOVES Cruising !

Mel LOVES cruising! On the cruise ship she can be independent. Mel gets up earlier than her parents, goes and has breakfast at the buffet and then does a workout or shoots baskets.
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Madeline Stuart - Model with Down Syndrome

Join International Model, Madeline Stuart and her mother, Rosanne Stuart on our 2016 Alaska Mission Possible Cruise for Developmental Disabilities.
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Calabria, Italy June, 2015

A fabulous 10 days in Calabria, Italy !
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