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We believe in full transparency in our business and when you are researching which host company to partner with, we want you to have all the information up front.

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New Agents
New Agents

You are an entrepreneur with a mind for business who is eager to join the travel industry. You need a trusted company to help guide your initial industry learnings and who gives you the latitude to work for yourself. You have a network all ready to be tapped into; all you need is the education to get you started and the support behind the scenes to run the administrative side of the business. You love to travel yourself and your passion for travel carries forward in your desire to deliver amazing travel experiences to your clients.

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You are a single Independent working from a home office, or perhaps you have several people working with you or for you, also all working from home. You are looking for a host who pays well, and in a timely manner, and who will help take on much of the administration that it takes to run your business. You value prompt, cheerful service that is there when you need it and the opportunity to talk through your big picture plans for where you would like your business to go.

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You have a small agency in a dedicated market not currently serviced by Flight Centre Retail stores. You are looking for better commissions and contracts than you can secure on your own and are looking for the security in partnering with a Global brand. You are looking for a host who can take on your BSP reconciliation and help ease the burden of administration that comes with running an agency. You like your agency name, brand and history and are interested in co-branding with a strong, recognizable consumer brand name.

Our People

You are an agency or team who is dedicated to your brand and does not necessarily need to incorporate Flight Centre branding into your business. That being said, our partnerships, contracts, commissions and ability to handle your BSP and air fulfillment better than anyone in the country would all be of benefit to your business. There are ways we can work together to be mutually beneficial to each other and it's worth the time to have a conversation to see where our ideas can take us.

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Are you new to the travel industry? We have a model specifically designed to give you the support and education you need to run your own profitable business.

Our People - Information on our learning platform, perks, rewards, recognition and transitioning between agencies.

Our Business Model - Full transparency outlining commissions and costs and information on the marketing support you receive.

Our Fee Structure for experienced agents - a tailor made fee structure that supports the specific needs of your business.

Our Product - A list of our Preferred Partners who support Flight Centre and FCI with industry leading support and commission levels.