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A Discovery of People and Places

Because Life is Still an Adventure

by George Duffy

I think it must be genetic. My father hooked me as a little boy when he used to tell me about the Incas and Aztecs and the ancient Egyptians. I also absorbed my mother's love of Spanish music and eastern European flavoured foods. It's too bad they never got to travel to many of the places they'd dreamed about but I am doing my best to make up for that.

I've been to many countries, travelled across Canada and up north, and visited about half the American states. A lot of this was doing work as a professional tour planner and business development manager for different tour companies. I always loved working with people and groups to help make fantastic experiences for them and eventually started my own travel business to work directly with individual clients as well as organisations. I run that business as a member of one of the most innovative travel organisations in the world.

Original, Organic, Locally Sourced and Sustainable

In a world crazily obsessed with everything digital I like to say I'm like an organic algorithm. I come with face and voice recognition software built in. I remember what you like and use that to generate solutions that are locally sourced and sustainable. I am also a lot easier to talk to when you really need a human to get things done.

Or, in marketing lingo, I provide responsive, efficient travel services by using the very best local guides, excellent tour and transportation companies that operate in an ethical and responsible manner to benefit the communities you will visit.

One Call

In all the years of doing this I've learned that people who love to travel come in all ages and backgrounds, with all budgets, interests and expectations. If you like the idea of a single point of contact to simplify your travel, it's just one call or email. To make initial contact by email, just use the contact form,  or phone me directly. The numbers are on the side bar. You can also use my calendar to set up an appointment. There is no fee for initial consultations and I can explain if there will be any fees before making any firm commitments on your part. If you'd like to learn more now, please read more here.


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George Duffy

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About George:

My 25 years of travel and tour experience is powered by Flight Centre, Canada's most successful travel company.

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