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Where's Your Next Trip Taking You?

There are literally thousands of airfares, accommodations, tours and packages out there to almost every imaginable place using a myriad means of transportation. There's a lot to choose from.

A Look at What I Do

My role is to take a look at the big picture: what you want to experience, what you want to spend and to cut through the clutter to find or create the best experience for you.

Sometimes it is a tour operator's pre-made package. Other times I will make you your own package or tour. Often, it's a mix of part pre-made, part custom.

Are you an active, experienced traveller and really don't think you'll ever like a group tour?
I hear this a lot from people who are used to doing their own travel. Fair enough, but before you discard the idea of a set group tour, read more here.
Things have changed a lot since days of packing 50 people around  20 countries in 10 days. I work with a small set of tour companies that break that mold completely with small groups of an average size of 12 passengers.

Like the idea of more self guided or private tours?
I have a different background than many travel agents in that I've worked as both planner and manager for tour companies. I leverage all the great contacts I've made with tour operators and other suppliers around the world to bring added value to clients and create unique, personalised travel experiences.
I've organised many Independent self guided and privately guided tours and custom vacations (families, workshops, birding, photography, wildlife, music, educational, culture, history, food, agritours etc.) You might be surprised to learn that these programs actually may cost less than set date group tours, depending on the trip and your interests.  With the flexibility to choose, you can even mix and match part group, part private. Does it cost a lot more for a private tour? (Read full story here)
Solo Travel, Unspun
Maybe you are single and don't have a partner ready to travel when you want to go. There are really good options now that remove single supplement costs. Read more about those here.
How to Use This Website

My advice is always to make an informed choice. Look over my site for travel ideas, video links and stories from places I've visited and beyond. You can also find my specials. But there is much more that is not published here since a large percentage of my services are in helping people create their own personal trips.

If you are at the early stages, reach out to me and I can help save you a lot of time and add a higher level of financial certainty to your trip.

If you've done a lot of research already, a second opinion never hurts and I can offer up some competing proposals to give you some balance to your decision. I am an expert in sourcing good reliable services.

Who I am and How I Got To Where I Am

I was born to be traveller, but I didn't know it until my first trip to Mazatlan, Mexico. Want to read more about me? Continue reading.


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George Duffy

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About George:

Did you ever see the show, Midnight Diner on Netflix? It's a small shop in Tokyo where the chef says "I will make anything you want to eat as long as I have the ingredients". That's exactly what I do for you in travel.

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