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25 Years of Artisan Travel, A Discovery of People and Places

by George Duffy

Locally Owned
As a member of Independent by Flight Centre we are a privately owned business. Just like your local insurance advisors, we provide the local interface to services worldwide. Today, when situations and rules change daily, it is more important than ever to have a go-to person you can easily reach. offers you this personalised, comprehensive, live service. Check here to see what we provide.
What's Trending? Triple S: Smaller, Safer, Sustainable
To lower the risk of infection while travelling, small group tours are a way to go within a "bubble" of people that are all pre-screened. The tour operators are also operating with new procedures to keep the risk of new infections at a minimum while travelling. Groups are smaller, now averaging less than 10 people and protocols are in place to assist guests who might become ill.
Groups will be taking more private transportation or exclusive charters. For example, small small ship cruising offers you a whole new perspective on travel while really lowering the exposure high numbers of people.
Small groups are also much more welcome at destinations too. They tend to blend in rather than barge in.
But more people are also looking at private vacations, transfers and tours as a way to add a health safety margin. This is actually a cost effective way to have more fun while you travel.
Unique Vacation Getaways
All inclusive resort packages have great price points and we have the best of the best.
But many people today are trying smaller more personalised hotels, villas, healthy ecolodges and resorts and other specialised services that appeal to their interests. For example many people love to snorkel. Or want to try birding or surfing or practise photography or improve wellness. There are better choices available than the high volume all-inclusive packages. See custom vacations.
Artisan Travel Experiences
We have curated the very best cultural experiences with our select suppliers. Call me for pricing. You'll be happily surprised.

Are you a more active experienced traveller?
This is one a half dozen companies we work with depending on destination and budget.

Independent Explorers
For people who want to get out and explore the world in non-group travel. Independent self guided and privately guided tours (birding, photography, wildlife, walking, cycling, trekking).
Slow Traveller
Travelling the world of food. (Photo is of me making hot cocoa from bean to cup at a real (not fake) Mayan village in Mexico.
 making cocoa in the tradtional Mayan way.
Maybe this experience appeals you or maybe you have other interests. There's no prescription, no limits.
Solo Travel, Unspun
If you are single and don't have a partner ready to travel when you want to go, there are really good options now that remove single supplement costs. Read more about those here. Maybe you're like this woman in the video below who ventured to the Galapagos Islands and fulfilled a life long dream.

Affinity Groups-Your Own Travel Bubble
Affinity groups and special interest groups are great ways to travel with people who share membership and wish to support an organisation's goals. Alumni, chambers of commerce, natural history clubs, photography, business groups, agricultural tours, sustainable tourism, walking, hiking and cycling.
What Does "Independent" Mean?
I used to work for tour companies as an employee. But I wanted independence to satisfy more discriminating travellers. I started my own business. It was fun, but then I found Independent by Flight Centre. As an "Indie" I can provide the specialty services as an independent and have the clout of a big company when I (ie my customers) need it.
How I Got To Where I Am
I was born to be traveller, but I didn't know it until my first trip to Mazatlan, Mexico. Want to read more about me? Continue reading.

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About George:

My 25 years of travel and tour experience is powered by Flight Centre, Canada's most successful travel company.

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