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Where's Your Next Trip Taking You?

Exploring the Croatian Coastline on a small ship adventure cruise? A wildlife ecolodge and safari experience in Africa, or a wine and food tour in the wine regions of Chile and Argentina? A cycling tour of Sardinia's archeological treasures, a wildlife cruise of the enchanted Galapagos Islands, bird watching in the Pantanal, learning Spanish in Malaga...

There are literally thousands of published tours and packages out there, each with a different theme, to almost every imaginable place, using a myriad means of transportation.

But, maybe you want something different and more personal than a published tour or package.

I've organised many self guided or a privately guided tours. And you might be surprised to learn that private programs can actually cost less than fully guided group tours, depending on the trip. With the flexibility to choose, you can even mix and match part group, part private.

Who is Flight Centre Independent?

Maybe you've seen the Flight Centre retail travel shops before. If not, trust me they are pretty hard to miss with all that red. But who is Flight Centre Independent?

The workplace has changed dramatically over the years and Flight Centre Travel Group has changed too.Today the company is like the proverbial "house with many rooms". I work in one of those "rooms" called Flight Centre Independent as an outside agent.

Why Flight Centre Independent?

I get to spend more time actually working with my clients to help them get the exactly experience they are looking for. And because FCI is a well established company you will get:


How to Use This Website

Look over my site for travel ideas, video links and stories from places I've visited and beyond. There are some really great things here. You can also find my specials, or Travel Deals from Flight Centre. And you are able to check airfares and vacation packages from Canada and book them online here if you like. Links to these are also on the navigation bar.

If you would like more information, or want to book some travel, or just want to get a price check, please contact me, by phone if you are comfortable that way, or use our contact form below. I can send you travel brochures or links to travel programs. I can also quote you firm prices for any private tours and packages we make just for you. When you want to book travel I'll be around to help you with the details, before and after.

Buying air and packages online? Our alternative is Online Plus.

Most people love to dream about their travel and they research a lot online. I do too. But when it comes time to buy, many people dislike sharing so much information online. They are concerned  they are losing control over their personal privacy. They also feel like they are being stalked by websites they've visited.

We do things differently because we know from experience it is still better to deal with a human at some point. Our Online Plus system is the best of both worlds letting you pick and choose the best packages and prices online while having me review all the details to make sure that you are looked after and provide the after sale assistance. Read more why its a better way here. I also may have some special offers that you can take advantage of.

TIP 1: When you link here you can toggle between packages and flights.

TIP 2: You may not see packages from all cities in Canada. If that's the case, just call me and I can dive a little deeper into the system to see more. 

TIP 3: Plan early and give yourself time. Travel is too important to have to make snap decisions. And you'll get better prices the earlier you book.

Who I am and How I Got To Where I Am

I was born to be traveller, but I didn't know it until my first trip to Mazatlan, Mexico. Want to read more about me? Continue reading.

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George Duffy

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About George:

Have you ever seen the show, Midnight Diner on Netflix? It's a small shop in Tokyo where the chef says "I will make anything you want to eat as long as I have the ingredients". That's exactly what I do for you  in travel.

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