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1 to 1 Travel Experiences-25 Years of Specialty Travel

by George Duffy, Owner, Medicine Hat, Alberta

Travel is Personal
Love fresh seafood caught and served today? Have a new camera to take incredible images you can upload to Instagram or Pinterest? Want to make  special experiences for the kids as they grow? Or sink your body into the warm tropical water to snorkel with turtles and bright fish?
Maybe you're stretching a little out of your comfort zone like this woman in the video below who ventured to the Galapagos Islands and fulfilled a life long dream.

Beyond The Beach?
Today I hear from a lot of people who'd like to reach beyond their all-inclusive vacation packages and make more contact with people who live in the destinations they visit. They want to be more active and interactive.
Maybe you've been to "the beach" many times, or maybe you're not a beach person. At some point most people want to add different activities when they travel like learning to cook with a local, taking an art class, or maybe a walk in a national park to experience exotic wildlife.
Deep Dive
Some people want to go deeper with full length tours: food, culture, wildlife, active (cycling, hiking, walking) and more.
(Photo below is me in the last stages of making real Mayan hot cocoa in Ek Balam, Yucatan). Read more.

making cocoa in the tradtional Mayan way.


Next Steps

Planning a trip is almost as much fun as the actual travel.
But its also business and organisation. Here's how we look after the business while you start the fun part.

1. You plan for your dream trip, we organise the logisitics to make it happen

2. You choose the experiences, we sort out the procurement from our network of suppliers

3. Travel costs money. We help make sure it's secure for you.

4. Travel can be unpredictable, we help protect you against unforeseen risks

5. You live the dream, we work with our suppliers and co-workers to ensure satisfaction

Add a higher level of financial certainty to your trip and get the best value. I will give you a transparent, complete, comparative view of the options.
If you are at the early stages of travel planning, reach out. If you've done a lot of research already, a second opinion never hurts. I am an expert in sourcing good reliable services.

More Reading

Are you an experienced traveller and really don't think you'd ever like a group tour?
I hear this a lot from people who are used to doing all their own travel.
Before you discard the idea of a set group tour, read more here or watch the videos below.
Things have changed a lot since days of packing 50 people around  20 countries in 10 days. I work with a small set of tour companies that break that mold completely with small groups of an average size of 12 passengers.

Or something more cushy? See this video from our handpicked luxury tour company.

1 to 1 Travel Experiences:  Customised, Self Guided or Privately Guided
While I sell packaged vacations and group tours, I've arranged many independent self guided and privately guided tours and custom vacations (families, workshops, birding, photography, wildlife, music, educational, culture, history, food, agritours, active.)
You might be surprised to learn that these programs often cost less than set date group tours, depending on the trip and your interests. Read more
Solo Travel, Unspun
If you are single and don't have a partner ready to travel when you want to go, there are really good options now that remove single supplement costs. Read more about those here.
How I Got To Where I Am
I was born to be traveller, but I didn't know it until my first trip to Mazatlan, Mexico. Want to read more about me? Continue reading.

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We operate outside our traditional retail offices. Our boutique, 1 to 1 Service combined with our 25 years of experience and backed by Flight Centre, Canada's most trusted Travel Brand, gives you a travel experience second to none. 

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