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Beyond the Beach

Maybe you've been to beach many times, or maybe you're not a beach person. At some point most people want to try out different activities when they travel.
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Scots Agent

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Scots Agents are trained by the Visit Scotland and have quick access to Scottish destination information and facilitate your travel to Scotland.
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More About Me

If you've found your way to this page from one of my special interest blog websites, don't be alarmed, you have not been click baited. I run my business through Flight Centre now.
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Be Intrepid-A Call to Action

To be fearless in seeking the person you are at any age is one of travel's great gifts.
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Meet New Friends and Expand Your Horizons

When I started in the travel business, most tours were on big coaches and cruise ships. They offered significant dollar value but, nowadays, many people want smaller groups, more active participation and better options for single travellers.
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Why Take Preplanned Tour or Vacation When You Can Do It All Yourself?

I admit that even as a group tour planner and seller, for many years I still winged my own travel. But I was changed in Peru. I had been planning a tour for a university group and I really needed to know more so I arranged a private tour with a local company there.
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Peregrine Small Ship Adventure Cruises

Nothing like fresh caught and on the grill for small ship adventure cruise travelers. This is no assembly line kitchen and these are not your typical cruisers. If this kind of travel gets your sea legs yearning for new ports of call, have a look at this stylish new way of seeing the world.
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G Adventures Active Travel

G Adventures active travel programs range across the world, from trekking in the Himalaya range to Japan bike hike and kayak, south America and well beyond. This short video highlights the Kilimanjaro hike.
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Blue Roads Touring Small Groups, Upscale

Blue Roads Touring offers a distinctly different type of small group touring experience than most small group tours.
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What Happened in Cuba on My Last Trip

I had resisted going to Cuba a long time. I was convinced that it was a one dimensional, beach and surf destination that was state controlled. Not very interesting to independent travellers or anyone wanting to see much beyond what the government wanted you to see. When I finally did go to Cuba I was in for a big shock.
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National Geographic Journeys Are Here.

Explore the world with journeys inspired by National Geographic, the most iconic organization of discovery and learning. See this video and start planning.
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No Partner, No Problem. No Single Supplement Options for Single Travellers

Being a single traveller doesn't have to mean going it alone. There are many options available for solo travelers that want to travel on a tour without having to pay exorbitant single supplements. (Photo by Steven Lewis, Unsplash)
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Lookin' for Adventure

Exodus offers the widest range of cycling adventures. This video is a great tour in Mexico and just one of many from around the world. Check it out.
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Not Your Typical Tuscany

Stones crunch under your boots as you negotiate the trails in Northern Tuscany.
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"High Mileage, Runs Well" or Retired from Work, Not From Life

Just because you've packed a few miles on doesn't mean you've packed it in. There is a whole world of travel awaiting you as an experienced traveller. Check out this great video from Peregrine, then check my specials.
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When You Don't Fit In With The Crowd - Private Tours For 2 (or more)

Some people really don't like the idea of travelling with a group. Or, the tour they are wanting just does not seem to exist. Maybe you have a special interest like music or photography, or maybe where you want to go is in a unique location, far from the regular masses. Sometimes it is a family trip to a wonderful far off land that your children would love and you want them to experience it with you. This is a time to investigate getting a private tour. (video content)
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How I got to here in the travel business

Do You Live in the Country?(How to get the best travel deal)

Do you live away from a major airport? Canada's big and a lot of us don't have easy access to international airports. Air travel gets a little more complicated for you but, if you love that winter get away, or have a yen to travel abroad, don't let the challenge of the first part of the trip deter you.
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Reality Check: Why Travel Agents Still Alive and Well After All These Years

People once thought that the internet would make travel agents obsolete. Certainly, travel agencies have changed, and many agents now work remotely instead of in a store. But ironically, because of the internet, the job of advising people on best travel choices for value and security has only gotten more important, for many reasons.
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Love the Taste of Travel?

Did you know that Intrepid Travels and Peregrine Adventures offer fantastic tours in small groups that feature destinations up close. Food is a big deal in all their programs, but if you really want to sample more, they have many Real Food Adventure themes.
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Arenas del Mar, Costa Rica

Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica is well visited and famous for its capuchin monkeys, three towed sloths and some of the prettiest beaches in the country. Nearby is also one of the most beautiful, high end boutique hotels in Costa Rica. But it's much more than just a pretty place. The hotel is operated according to the highest standards of sustainability.
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Slow Tours and Slow Food: What's the Connection?

slow food university

I'm a sampler of foods when I travel and when I learned about the slow food concept, it struck a chord with me. Food, culture, travel and people are a divine mix and it reminded me of one night in Tortuguero, Costa Rica.
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To Take a Tour or Not

I've spent the majority of my career in tourism selling tours and I have found that most people like tours once they try them. A lot of people think tours are too constraining or too programmed, but that is really a concept that needs to be updated to the 21st century.
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