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Posted on: Tuesday July 16, 2019
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When You Don't Fit In With The Crowd - Private Tours For 2 (or more)

Some people really don't like the idea of travelling with a group. Or, the tour they are wanting just does not seem to exist. Maybe you have a special interest like music or photography, or maybe where you want to go is in a unique location, far from the regular masses.

This is a time to investigate getting a private tour.

You may have some ideas of how this works but here's a video from Monograms. I have been working with clients just like the ones in this video to many places with many different activities. This video shows a visit to Italy, but it could be a private hiking or self guided cycling tour, it could be a birding trip, or a visit to the Atacama desert or Botswana. It could be just about anything, anywhere. Watch this video and then if this type of touring appeals to you, let's schedule a meeting. I have a toll free number and I can be reached very easily from where ever you are. Or use this link to contact me about getting some ideas and prices.

Private tours might seem very expensive, but because I make most from scratch, there are ways to make private tours quite competitive. If you've not read About Me in the right side bar, have a look. This is what I do. I can adjust the ingredients to deliver a good product that is really satisfying for people who don't fit in with the crowd.

Where? If you've read my bio you'll know I have a special knowledge of the latin world and Africa; and I have reliable sources like Monograms who have expertise in many areas that I can draw on. So, let's get together and start planning

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