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Posted on: Monday January 22, 2018
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"High Mileage, Runs Well" or Retired from Work, Not From Life

Just because you've packed a few miles on doesn't mean you've packed it in. There is a whole world of travel awaiting you as an experienced traveller. 

Peregrine Adventures are premium style active holidays that include small groups, adventure cruising, foodie trips all in a style that appeals to people who may have not thought they'd like taking group tour. The tours are laid back usually 16 people or less. But something that you'll also find is that these tours are extremely well priced. They are not laden with frills that add a lot of cost, but they do provide the comfort that you'd probably buy yourself. Contact me below to get the Peregrine Adventures brochure in your inbox.


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Have you ever seen the show, Midnight Diner on Netflix? It's a small shop in Tokyo where the chef says "I will make anything you want to eat as long as I have the ingredients". That's exactly what I do for you  in travel.

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