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Posted on: Tuesday July 16, 2019
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No Partner, No Problem. No Single Supplement Options for Single Travellers

Single travelers have always had a bit of a tough time. It's almost as if there is a stigma attached to singleness. Parties, weddings, dinners with friends and the biggie, travel.

I started my career selling tours and it did not take me long to learn that there was a real problem for people who love to travel but have no partner to share a room.

There were people who had divorced, some were widowed, some were single because they like being single, but most challenging were people in a relationship with someone who did not want to travel. 

So this problem endured, until about a decade ago. Now there are two equally good solutions depending on your preferences.

A few companies now offer single rooms with no single supplements. Some do this on specific departures in their regular programs, but others actually have built a whole business on selling solo travel. And this is what is really interesting.

On these, everyone is single. There are no couples. You get your own room and more. Plenty of time to socialise, but also a lot of open time if you want to explore your own interests. For example you may have a passion for French fiction and know a museum dedicated to your favourite author that is in a city you'll be staying in on one of the tours. Generally speaking you can often take the time to go and see it on your own without sacrificing the integrity of the tour. In fact there are local host tour managers to help you.

Second, there are tour companies that will offer to put you on the tour and team you up with a roomie, or possibly roomies, of the same sex. This might sound a bit risky but generally it works pretty good. The types of tours that do this are usually adventure or active type tours. If you have an open minded spirit, these trips are great.

Groups are small and people get to know each other well as a result. In the end the room share is not that big of a deal as lots of singles take these trips. The age ranges are varied between about 35 to 70, averaging mid 50's.

There are many, many options here for example these below are small group tours, 6 to 18 people travelling together. There are also cycling trips, culture trips, culinary trips, small ship adventure cruising and more. Not all companies offer this so enquire below or phone me for more info.

I know that there are many people that these tours will appeal to. It may not be you, but your mom or dad, or a relative. It's a great new freedom. Just make an enquiry to me by phone or by the form below and I'll be happy to go over the best options.

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