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Posted on: Tuesday July 16, 2019
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Beyond the Beach

Beyond The Beach - Some People Are Ready For More

Maybe you've been to "the beach" many times, or maybe you're not a beach person. At some point most people want to try out different activities when they travel like learning to cook with a local, taking an art class, or maybe a walk in a national park to experience exotic wildlife.
Some people want to go deeper with full length tours: food, culture, wildlife, active (cycling, hiking, walking) and more.
(Photo below is me in the last stages of making real Mayan hot cocoa in Ek Balam, Yucatan). Read more.
making cocoa in the tradtional Mayan way.
Just imagine waking up in your private cabin on a yacht anchored in a beautiful, calm bay in the remote Galapagos islands.  You look outside and immediately reach for your camera to snap an incredible close up shot of a blue-footed boobie perched on a rock. You then take a walk up to the dining room and are greeted by the aroma of fresh coffee and tropical fruits, and the friendly faces of the kitchen crew preparing your breakfast. What's on today? Walking to the rim of a volcano on Isabela island and returning after lunch to a cooling swim before heading out on the ship to the next island.
You can have these kinds of experiences now, for less money than you might think.
We have small ship cruises with 8 cabins, 16 passengers. Or you can stay on the islands with a land based program and your own guide. Or self guided.
But the Galapagos Islands are just one destination. There are many more, just as awe inspiring. African safaris with 12 guests per group, or just 2.
European, Asian, Latin American cultural tours. Amazon river cruises and rainforest ecolodges.
Birding and wildlife encounters in the Pantanal, Borneo, Australia, and polar trips.
Small ship adventure cruises in the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, and the Adriatic with 25 cabins. River cruises and canal barge trips in France. Sipping smoky Scotch whiskey crafted by hand in the Isles of Scotland.
Cycling and walking holidays along quiet roads by lush vineyards and quaint villages with those amazing little hole in the wall restaurants you discover on your own.

The list is long.
Next Steps
If you are at the early stages of travel planning, reach out.
Planning a trip is fun, and I know that a lot of people want to have the control over the choices available. It may seem counter intuitive but you'll actually have more fun and control by engaging a travel advisor, early on. Here's 5 reasons.

1. You do the planning, we do the logisitics

2. You choose the experiences, we sort out the procurement

3. You spend the money, we make sure its securely invested

4. You travel away from home, we help protect you against unforeseen risks

5. You experience the pleasure, we work with our network of suppliers and co-workers to ensure satisfaction

I can help save you a lot of time, add a higher level of financial certainty to your trip and I will get you the best value. I can promise this because I will give you a transparent, complete, comparative view of the options.
If you've done a lot of research already, a second opinion never hurts and I can offer up some competing proposals to give you some balance to your decision. I am an expert in sourcing good reliable services.

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