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Posted on: Monday March 14, 2016
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Do you know a 18-25yr old that wants to travel?

I hear all the time from parents that their kids want to go off & travel but Mom & Dad don't like the idea of them winging it through Thailand, Indian, Australia or Europe. They are just not ready to let them go off on their own quite yet. 

Thankfully, I have a few amazing suppliers that cater to this younger demographic of 18-35 year olds (60% of travellers on these groups are 18-25yrs).  These trips are perfect for grad gifts, gap year & 1st time travellers. 
These tour groups know what the younger generation want to see & do, offering amazing & unique experiences they would not get if travelling on their own & they get plenty of down time to explore on their own too.  But most importantly Mom & Dad can rest assure they are travelling in a group, with a trip leader that knows the ins & outs of the destinations they are travelling in.
These trips are perfect for the girls as we all know it's always a bit harder to let them off on their 1st adventure without Mom & Dad, but rest assure with 70% of the travellers on these groups being female & 60% of those travelling alone, you know they're travelling with a reputable company.

Here are my 3 top picks for this 18-25yr group...

G-Adventures is a Canadian grown company that has been travelling the globe for more then 20yrs.  They're not your typical coach tour company, instead they offer small group experiences. Their Yolo collection is fast-paced & affordable designed to deliver the must-do highlights, spontaneity, personal freedom & under-the-radar encounters with local people. Here is a quick Yolo video

Contiki is one of the most popular options & have been showing people the world for almost 50years!  They cover 40 countries across 5 continents with travel options from camping to comfort & world festivals & events. Here is a great Contiki promo videos

Topdeck has over 40 years experience & knows how to deliver the holiday of a lifetime at amazing prices with lots of inclusions!  They offer some unique trips as well as festivals & events. Here is a little video of Topdeck's Europe trip.  

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