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Top 5 Places To Visit In Romania

Halloween is my favourite unofficial holiday - the candy, the costumes, the history - I love it all. Where better in the world than to celebrate this occasion than in Transylvania?
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Cruising Through The Country Side On A Motorcycle

Summertime in Saskatchewan calls for road trips, near or far. Cruising on the back of a Harley Davidson motorcycle gives me a sense of freedom, a feeling that I lack when riding in a vehicle. Here's a sneak peek into a bike rally I attended during the summer of 2016.
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Valentine's Day Vacations

Valentine's Day is about spending quality time with a loved one - whether it's with a romantic partner or your best friend. These are a few of my favourite romantic rendezvous around the world.
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Bucket List: Scuba Diving on the Great Barrier Reef

This is a bucket list experience for many people, myself included. Carrying the equipment to the edge of the boat felt like an eternal struggle. Into the water I go!
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Top 10 Australia Adventures

Traveling and living along Australia's East Coast introduced me to new experiences. There are my top ten Aussie adventures.
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Top 30 Travel Experiences

In celebration of hitting a new decade I compiled a list of my top 30 travel experiences. Reflecting on these accomplishments was amusing and I hope you are entertained by them too!
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24 Hours In Los Angeles

Long layovers in Los Angeles gave me a taste of what the Golden State has to offer. This is how I discovered LA in 24 hours.
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Five Misconceptions About Las Vegas

Have you ever traveled somewhere with great expectations, only to experience the complete opposite? This happened to me when I traveled to Las Vegas. Being a travel agent I've heard many stories and booked countless trips to Sin City. It felt as though I knew the strip like the back of my hand. Boy, was I mistaken!
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24 Hours In Amsterdam

Traveling across the world is exhausting. Why not break up the trip with a stop over? Here's what you can do with 24 hours in Amsterdam.
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