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Five Things You Need To Know about Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos

San Jose del Cabo is the quainter of the Los Cabos and more spread out than Cabo San Lucas. However, when you have a resort that is a destination itself, you may not notice. Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos is a beautiful resort with all of the ingredients to have a fantastic holiday- great dining, service from the heart and well-appointed modern rooms.
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5 Things You Need To Know About Breathless Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas is vibrant, fun and picturesque. Breathless Cabo San Lucas is a great adults-only base of operations when you want to explore. There is much to do and see within walking distance, or just enjoy the party at the resort. Here are five things you want to know about Breathless
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Flyers and Specials

Hey, did you know that the specials and flyers are updated weekly?  Check back often for the latest deals.

Even better, just email me at and I will take a look into whatever you need!
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Top 5 Reasons to use a Travel Agent

5) Accountability

I had a client who made a booking through one of the main online travel agencies. There was a schedule change on their flight. They were notified of this by a garbled phone message that they did not understand. They did not put it together until after they had missed their flight as it had left hours before due to this change. The agency took absolutely no responsibility for it and they were forced to buy a new ticket last minute (which is often not a good thin...
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Getting Married in Cuba: Scottish Style

The traditional Scottish ditty “Donald Where’s Your Trooser’s” blared at a surprising volume from the groom’s handheld device. The song was a fitting soundtrack as none of us were wearing troosers, trousers or even pants. Josh, minutes from marriage, and his brother Alastair are putting on our kilts, sporrans and hosiery in their family tradition.  As the best man, I am also donning a rented kilt and accoutrement alongside the brothe...
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Enjoy the Past, the Present, and the Pizza in Napoli, Italy

Flight Centre’s Brian Bobroff ventures away from Rome, Italy and Tuscany to the Bay of Naples. While visiting Napoli, Italy Brian enjoys a fresh Caprese pizza before exploring the ancient ruins of Pompeii. Brian also suggests Sorrento, the Amalfi Coast, and the island of Capri. Let’s turn this over to Brian -

There are many good reasons to take to the road, or the skies, to visit a far away land. Two of my top sources of inspiration are ancient history and great food. ...
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A Beginners Guide to Snowboarding and Nightlife in BC

Flight Centre’s Brian Bobroff goes West to find some snowy vacation adventure on the slopes of British Columbia. From Vancouver to Kamloops, Brian explores the runs of Whistler and Sun Peaks Resort and blogs advice on where to go to get out of the snow and party harty dudes! Hey Brian, where’s the après party at?
It is always daunting to pick up a new sport as you slowly retreat farther and farther from your teen years.It is especially intimidating when you know the l...
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Ancient Egypt: More than Tombs Part 2

Flight Centre’s Brian Bobroff is back again to continue his amazing blog series from his travels through Egypt during an On the Go Tour. Brian again explores the science and history of the locations we call ‘vacation destinations’. In today’s post Brian visits the Sphinx, Luxor and the Temple of Karnak, Papyrus Gallery, and the Valley of the Kings before heading off to Dahab.

After our visit to the pyramids, we picked up our ride to the Sphin...
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Ancient Egypt is More Than Tombs Part 1

Flight Centre’s Brian Bobroff joins us with a blog post about his travel to Egypt on an On the Go Tour. Brian’s posts will go way beyond your normal holiday information because he explores the science and history of The Great Pyramids. Brian’s enthusiasm and knowledge is sure to put a visit to Egypt high on your list of vacation destinations. Let’s turn this over to Brian – The study of ancient religion and ancient astronomers has been an interest o...
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