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Posted on: Monday March 14, 2016
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Kids Look on Oahu...

Hawaii was one of my favourite trips; it was filled with excitement and new things from the water to the different houses.
The Disney resort was awesome.  The pictures don’t put in perceptive how great it is.  I loved the character breakfast and the aunties were so nice (they are very welcoming women around the resort that do different activities with the kids).  The beach at the resort is the perfect place to walk, swim or just put your feet in the water.  The water slides were very fun and I loved going down the lazy river and finding all the sea creatures carved in the rocks!   The story telling with uncle is worth going to as well as the star gazing program.  I will never forget the teen spa, Painted Sky where you can go hang out and the frozen yogurt there is awesome.  I went to the spa and had my hair cut and styled, the hair dos are amazing.  The Daily Eva is great; it comes out every evening for the next day so you can see all the things happening around the resort for the day so you can plan!  I loved finding the Menehune (Hawaii’s mystical creatures) all around the resort, there is even a game you can play with a tracker that makes magical things happen.
The beaches in Hawaii are unreal.  The sand is different at every beach as well as the wave sizes.  I loved going to turtle beach, and seeing the green sea turtles sun bathing, there - so cute.  Even just driving through the small towns was fun.  I enjoyed snorkeling at Hanauma Bay the colours of the fish were breath taking; I even saw a sea turtle in the water so cool to swim along with it.  We climbed to the top of Diamond Head Crater, it was hard for me because of the heat but it was so worth the hard work because the view is spectacular, I would definitely recommend making the trek.
There are so many more great things about Hawaii, if you have any questions you want from a kids perspective please ask I love to share my experiences!

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