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Posted on: Monday March 14, 2016
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Energize in Hong Kong, then Revitalize in Thailand - All in One Holiday

Hong Kong and Thailand Deals

Did you know it was possible to see both these destinations & have 2 completely different experiences all on one airfare when flying with world-class premium carrier Cathay Pacific?
Thailand is often called the jewel of Southeast Asia.  Its golden, sun drenched beaches are famous with each of its beautiful islands offering something special.  There's spectacular scuba diving or snorkelling, rustic beach huts to up scale resorts, the infamous Full Moon Party to tranquil spots where the only sounds you'll hear are the soothing ocean waves & your sighs of contentment. Head north to a land of soaring hills & waterfalls to enjoy scenic trekking, on foot or atop an elephant. Even if you're not an outdoor enthusiast, Thailand's glorious climate & lush landscapes will transform you into one. Colourful culture, delicious cuisine, diverse activities & unparalleled natural beauty. Thailand gives you the perfect combination of organized travel & extraordinary adventure.


Hong Kong is a dynamic duality of modern metropolis & centuries-old civilization. It's where the world's best dining & shopping meet traditional rituals & time-tested wisdom. This Chinese island has retained some of its British colonial roots, creating its unique culture. Explore on your own, or join a tour group to learn about its ancient sights. Discover charming streets packed with curiosities and culinary delights, stroll through feng-shui parks & unwind in a sophisticated hotel.

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