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Posted on: Monday March 14, 2016
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Increase Productivity

Over the past couple of years I have had an increase in small business’ booking company retreats to places like Hawaii, Las Vegas & many staycations in Kelowna & Whistler.
After noticing this increase I asked the business owners why they are choosing to take these amazing trips & they all had the same answer – “Motivation”.

The consensus seemed to be that it was a reward to employees for completing large projects.  Businesses have found that putting the reward out there, that the employees would be rewarded this way has directly impacted staff productivity levels and end of year results; at the same time helps keep staff morale high.

I have also found that companies which have contract employees (those not on payroll) have really adapted to the “retreat” concept.  In this sort of situation they have made the decision process a team building activity, with the individual contractors working together on choosing the destination, & activities for team building.  With individual contractors contributing for all or a portion of their trip, they in turn will work harder to make the company goals & targets.

Taking your team away to a stress free environment can create a fantastic setting for running some personal development workshops, or doing group brain storming sessions on ideas and strategic developments for the business.  

Company retreats can be 2 days or 2 weeks & does not need to be all business the entire time.  Particularly on longer trips employees will enjoy & appreciate some personal time.  This will give them a sense of a real holiday & allow for some down time. 

It has been said that a happy employee is a productive employee.  Let me help with narrowing down the destination & type of venue to ensure that your company's corporate retreat is talked about for months afterward, for all the right reasons!

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