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Posted on: Thursday May 06, 2021
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Why Travel? With Us?

Why travel? With Us?

Travelling has gotten more complex and not just because of Covid.

There are so many things to consider, so many choices, so many rules. And it is easy to make mistakes using online booking engines (read more here) that can turn out to be difficult or expensive to correct, particularly with airlines. And if you do make a mistake or something else happens, don't you wish that you could just pick up a phone and ask someone to help solve your problem?

Thousands of Choices - Expert Knowledge - Help If You Run Into a Snag

If you're shopping for travel, you should consider us.

We are different than other travel companies as we constantly evolve and adapt the personal service model to meet changes in the market. Our business today is based on selling high value, personalised and private or semi-private travel experiences. We are procurement and logistics experts in the arena of international travel and our job is to enhance your travel experience by supplying you with best in class accommodation, transportation, activities and destination management services. We are also risk managers and solutions suppliers. Sounds serious, and it is. But it's what makes a fantastic travel experience for you.

You might think this is very expensive, but because we are a group of very experienced practitioners, our prices are usually better than much of the branded product you can buy. And you actually get service.

Air travel is an integral part of most trips but when we look at your air portion, we actually look at the whole picture. We make sure that you get the best overall travel program because often times what seems to make sense at first blush, is not the best plan. We have the tools to map out the whole program that allow you to see how to save you money, frustration, and time.

Our first consultation is free and if we proceed to quote, your first quote is free as well. If accepted, we move forward. To see more of our process view a more detailed description on our Travel Planner  page.

Wherever you are, we are only a phone call, a video call, a text, or an email away.

Today, when situations and rules change daily, it is more important than ever to have a go-to person you can easily reach.  It's easy to set up a personalised meeting online or by telephone. Click here to pick a time, or just call or email us below.

About Us

We are a privately owned business and a member of Independent by Flight Centre. Similar to local insurance advisors, we provide the personal service to clients who want the best access to a world of products at the best prices.


What's Trending Now? Triple S: Smaller, Safer, More Sustainable

Unique Vacation Getaways-Smaller Resorts, Better Beaches
All inclusive resort packages have great price points and we have the best of the best. We have a collection of hotels that give maximum service and cancellation flexibility in the major resort areas.

But many people today are trying smaller more personalised hotels, multi-bedroom private villas, healthy ecolodges, ecoresorts and other specialised services that appeal to their interests. For example many people love to snorkel. Or want to try birding or surfing or practise photography or improve wellness. See custom vacations.
Cultural Travel Experiences
We have curated the very best cultural experiences with our select suppliers. Call us for a consultation. You'll be happily surprised by what you can now do as a part of a small group. (Read more on whether to take a tour or not here.)

Independent Explorers
For active people who want to get out and explore the world in non-group travel. Independent self guided and privately guided tours (birding, photography, wildlife, walking, cycling, trekking).
Slow Traveller
Travelling the world of food. (Photo is of me making hot cocoa from bean to cup at a real (not fake) Mayan village in Mexico.
 making cocoa in the tradtional Mayan way.
Maybe this experience appeals you or maybe you have other interests. Like the "Midnight Diner" on Netflix, if it's not on the menu, and we have the ingredients, we'll make what ever you want.
Solo Travellers
If you are single and don't have a partner ready to travel when you want to go, there are really good options now that remove single supplement costs. Read more about those here. Maybe you're like this woman in the video below who ventured to the Galapagos Islands and fulfilled a life long dream.

Tiny Exclusive Groups-Your Own Travel Bubble
Families, friends, clubs, are travelling together. A villa rental, a beach house, a whole inn rental, an ecolodge for birding and wildlife. Or small group tours. The range is amazing and we have fantastic options.

Contact Us
Let's get started with planning a great travel plan for you. Pick up the phone or send us an email.

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